Milling, Turning, Machining, Prototypes or Large Part Machining.

Our skills

To satisfy our customers and our employees at your service, DINOXSA and VISALP are constantly looking for skills development. To achieve this goal and offer new solutions, we work closely with a a group of professionals selected for their expertise.

Our human and IT resources allow us to engage us in complex subsets with specifications.
Thanks to our logistics tools, we are able to deal wih recurrents clients with storing products inside our walls.

Historically, the core business is machined by turning. As the ways evolve, the bondary between revolution pieces and prismatic articles becomes more and more porous and we can also furnish articles with prismaic forms.
We are positioned mainly on medium series of 500 to 100 000 pieces.

The evolution of technics and specializations has naturally led us to propose as well as an product manager an expanded service.

So we can be actor from the market study to the packaging and the delivery completed by the advice, the prototyping, the testing and the industrialization. Our experiences allow us to support the creative contributors of ideas or inventors in making realistic their projects.

"Our expertise begins and ends where you want to stop or start your own."