High quality : CNC Machining


"Everything is negotiable, except quality."

Our philosophy

Models of quality management are often presented as tools to continually increase customers satisfaction.
This point of view is for us a consequence, not a purpose.
The primary objective is to increase our efficiency, eliminate the waste of time and linked costs.
The first consequence of an effective quality system is a significant increase of our own satisfaction that automatically causes the pride of a job well done that naturally generates customers satisfaction.

Our Approach

The obtaining ISO 9001 to access to our focalisation, the EN 9100.
This quality models linked to a constant ethical permit us to get the trust of our hardest clients.


To reverse some age-old practices of our profession, we established strict rules.

  • Since June 2011, we implemented the "zero reminder"

"It is not the customer to check orders that he gives us."

Our mission "zero reminder" can be traced back informations when an event impacts on the promised time.
In parallel, we introduced the "total transparency": the client receives a well-though-out and honest information.

  • Since November 2013, we implemented the daily monitoring of our expedition to anticipate any abnormality..

"Our commitment finishes when the custumer is delievered."